Grooming Of The German Shepherd

German Shepherd is, without doubt, the most popular dog in the world. Proof of its fame is the fact that for almost a hundred years it has invariably remained one of the best-known breeds in all countries.

Very intelligent, faithful and affectionate, it is very good to be with the family, including children and the elderly. It is also an excellent guardĀ dog and easy to educate and train.

Having a pet requires frequent attention to our animal and fulfill certain necessary care so that it is in perfect condition.

Care of the German Shepherd

There are different cares and preventions that must be taken into account when having a German Shepherd at home.

The first thing we have to do from their childhood is to educate him to live in harmony with humans and other animals. This teaching should be from puppies because it is the ideal time to learn these good behaviors.

From puppy it is important that we teach them to be neat, not to damage the garden, to walk on a leash, to be patient and wait, to interact correctly with other dogs and with other animals.

How to groom a German Shepherd

Before we know how to bathe a German shepherd, we have to know how often to groom long haired german shepherds? We speak first of the grooming because it is important to remove all the dead hair before to clean the skin and fur much better during washing.

Also, if we do not remove this layer it is likely to become entangled. You should pay special attention to the chest, the thighs and the neck, which is where the hair becomes more caked and tangled.

The best brush for German shepherds is one of the fine metal bristles and card-like joints. These combs are the most suitable for medium-haired dogs that tend to release a lot of hair, helping to remove all the loose layer in an effective way.

Brush the mantle from the neck to the end of the tail, always in the same direction as the hair. If it accumulates too much in the comb, clean it to be able to continue removing the dead hair.

To avoid an excessive fall and not have to spend all day sweeping the ground, we must take good care of the coat of the German shepherd. It is very important that at least 2 times a week, you spend a while of the day to pass the comb to your pet.

Do not forget to also check your nails, cutting them whenever necessary.

How to bathe a German shepherd

Once brushed and removed all loose hair will proceed to wash. The bath should only be when the dog is dirty or needs it so as not to spoil its coat. If you want to wash the German shepherd more frequently, once a month is the maximum advised.

Wet the whole body of the German shepherd with water, avoiding the area of the face and ears. Always pay attention to the temperature of the water: it must be warm, never cold or hot; in the summer you can bathe the German shepherd with fresher water, to refresh him, and in warmer winter so he does not get cold.

Choose a suitable pet shampoo. With well-wet hair, apply shampoo on the entire body and lather well all the hair.

Rinse deeply to remove soap residue from the entire body; in this way, you will prevent the hair from drying out or having discomfort in the skin. Then you only have to dry your German shepherd with a towel and, if necessary, with a hairdryer.

After the bath, you will have to brush again the German shepherd to remove the rest of hair that has been released during the wash.

Remember that not only do you need to know how to bathe and brush a German shepherd so that his fur looks nice and bright, you must also take care of his feed with a quality feed so that he is healthy and his hair reflects it.