The future of batteries: What to know

Batteries are today a source of energy that is here to stay.

Batteries are very good. In fact, it was good for everyone for whom the batteries allowed the discovery of new inventions. In the case that concerns us, we will forget them. I know, we will constantly advance.

Most batteries are by definition are usually not rechargeable, it is neither ecological nor practical to do this.

Rechargeable batteries

Then come the batteries that can be recharged. We know the classic “rechargeable batteries” type NI-mH. They can be very practical in some cases, as they are often of standard AA or AAA format, and are found almost everywhere. The only problem is investing in quality Ni-mHs like those of the Sanyo Eneloop brand as well as in a real charger. For the record, it is often he who is responsible for the drop in quality and the autonomy of your rechargeable batteries. This will surely be the subject of a next post.

It’s very important these days to get a good rechargeable flashlight in order to help get yourself out of some tough spots.

Li-ion batteries

You will enter the world of luminous power, you need a stable energy source, and one that holds it down. The Li-ion batteries are not well known but possess good power.

No charge memory, no need to discharge the battery to recharge it
No very little self-discharge as with other batteries. It is rather nice not to have to control the charge of the stored batteries before an exit.

For my part, my choice goes to the tactical format, more widespread, and it is with this one that I like. The size surprises at the start, but they are very fast. Level autonomy, everything will depend on your lamp. You will have to equip yourself with a specific charger. These are not particularly expensive (from very good to $30 maximum) and they are a very worthwhile investment.